Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bates Nut Farm

Last weekend we went down to Escondido for Connor's baby blessing (sorry, no pictures of that) and took the opportunity to go to Bates Nut Farm, which is a Halloween themed farm in Valley Center that my family has been going to for years for school field trips. 

Hay ride around the farm

Ty and Grandpa picking out pumpkins to take home. Ty tried to pick these up but soon gave up and stuck to the littler ones he could carry. It was really hot at the pumpkin patch as you can see by Ty's red cheeks.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Corn

We both love corn on the cob. One of the reasons I was so sad to leave Utah was because we wouldn't be around for the fall time with the fruit stands on every corner selling delicious melons, peaches, and corn on the cob. Luckily we have had pretty good luck at the local farmers market here. Our little Ty has even fallen in love. I just hand him the corn on the cob and he goes to town. Not a kernel left untouched.

After dinner we were busy cleaning up and stopped to find that Ty had raided the trash can and was holding all three corn cobs and gnawing on them. The man loves his corn.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rose Bowl

Last weekend my work had another summer team building outing. This time it was tickets to the UCLA-Texas football game at the Rose Bowl. SWEET! I've always wanted to go the the Rose Bowl and see what it was all about. We had great seats (Row 14) and Ty had a good time, which we all appreciated. 
It was a great game, then I went home and watched BYU lay an egg against Utah...(expletive!)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camping with the Plumbs

We went camping a few weekends ago with my buddy from work and fellow BYU alum, Riley, and his wife Kristen. We went out to Casper's Wilderness Park near San Juan Capistrano. It was nice to get out camping and give Ty that experience that he hasn't had yet. He loved every minute of it.

We went on a hike around the park and saw some cool stuff near where we camped.

Ty got pretty exhausted on our way back. Not sure why he always falls asleep in this backpack.

Ty kept trying to poke Julia in the eye. He needs to work on his manners with the ladies.

Riley eating a woofum. It had been years since I had a good woofum and I was glad Riley knew what they were and was just as excited as I was to make them.

Welcome Connor

So a little over a year ago, Ty met his cousin Liam for the first time and this was the best we could get out of that meeting.

So when Connor was born and we took Ty up to see him we hoped to get something better. Turns out it's not easy to get kids this age to act interested in each other. At least we got the picture though right? Welcome to the family anyway cousin Connor.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mormon Night

We went down last weekend to go to Mormon Night at the Padres. That night they were honoring the Mormon Helping Hands service group for it's work in the San Diego area. We all went out on the field before the game and then the Mormon Batallion reenactors brought out the flag and a church choir from the area stakes sang the national anthem. It was a cool thing to see. It wasn't bad to see a Padres game either :)

Mel, happy to be there.

Ty, not happy to be there.

Throwing a shout out to the Mormons in the house.

This is how Ty chose to watch some of the game. I pulled him out and he wanted back in.

Ty's Birthday

Ty turned 1 a few weeks ago which is kind of crazy to think about. Our little man is walking/running everywhere he goes now and is tall enough to grab things off the kitchen counters (i.e knives, towels, baked goods, etc.). He isn't talking yet, but can imitate a doggie, a cow and once did a pretty good kitten after petting one, but hasn't done it since. He's absolutely nuts and we find that wrestling him to the ground is one of the only ways to keep him fully entertained. He also is obsessed with books, especially flip books that have doggies in them. So, yup that's a pretty good summary of all things Ty. Now for the pictures.

Mel's three-tier cupcake creation with Ty's #1 on top.

We did a Mickey Mouse theme because he likes Mickey and it's an easy theme to find.

Opening Grandma Goodsell's present. He plays with this all the time now.

Sitting in his "Ty Size" chair my parents gave him. I didn't think he'd actually sit in it since he's so active, but he climbs into it all the time and chills for a bit before eventually going off to do other things.

Licking his fingers after timidly and reluctantly eating his cupcake.

His new ride.

The family playing croquet at the park after his present opening. He's hanging out in the other "Ty Size" chair he got watching us take a picture.

All in all we are surprised he's a year old now, but I think we're just now entering the best part. I think he gets more fun and playful every day and we're very grateful we have him in our family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why does there have to be a title?

I've decided I don't like blogging. Why? I don't really know. Probably because I hate writing. But here it goes anyways...
These past few weeks have kept us pretty busy. We went to Las Vegas for Gage's baby blessing a few weeks back. It was a quick trip, as I think we were only there for maybe 36 hours, but well worth it. Then Brandon has his birthday. We met Brandon at work and had lunch, went to the beach that evening, and then went to Lucille's BBQ for dinner! Then we had our anniversary. We celebrated it on the weekend by going to Newport beach and eating dinner at Javier's, which is a mexican restaurant right next to the water. It was awesome!
This past week we took Ty on his first trip to Disneyland. He was such a good little guy the entire time. He hated the rides though. They were too dark for him. He would crawl all over me the entire time. Poor kid. But he did get to meet Mickey and Goofy. He loved meeting the characters and would stare and then giggle.
Finally, Trevor, Sarah, and the boys can for a quick visit this week. We went to the beach a few times and they all loved it. Ty loved having his cousins around to play with. He was so content (no whining!! Yeah). I wish they were closer so Ty could have some play buddies!

This picture summarizes the story of my life, just imagine a constant whine in the background for noise. Ha.

Pure bliss on that kids face. Who doesn't love Mickey?

At Newport Beach.

We tried to get some cute pictures of the boys at the beach but it's so hard to get them all to look at the same time. Plus, Ty was eating the sand and I had to dig it out of his mouth.

The boys all have the same Pirate PJs. Love it. Trent and Jaxson love their "baby Ty"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ty Decided to Get Serious About Walking

He's been capable of doing this for a little while, but never gets more than a few feet without cautiously sitting down or grabbing on to something. We found out recently that if we dangle a carrot, so to speak, in front of him (in this case a very enticing camera) he'll walk as far as he has to to get it.

He still looks like a little drunk though...


Yesterday I was washing bottles, enjoying the fact that Ty wasn't at my feet whining the entire time until I was finished. When I was almost done, I thought to myself.... Ty is really quiet. Whenever I can't hear Ty, I know he's doing something he shouldn't. So I stopped washing bottles and found this:

I laughed. Hey, this is better than where I found him a few days ago. We went to Vegas for Gage's baby blessing this past weekend. While I was there I heard a splash and took off running to the bathroom. There I found Ty eating toilet paper (with a little poop on it) from the toilet. Yup. Fantastic. I think I can blame that one on a little boy who's name starts with a T and ends in a rent. Ha. Boys, Boys, Boys!!!!